Welcome to our Online Learning Classes!!!


A few things you need to know.  There is material here for 3 classes: Honors Chemistry, Chemistry, Earth Science.


You will want to find the material for your class under your own tab.  Now while the work you turn in will not be tested it is the material that you should be learning for the 4th quarter.  If you don’t learn it, you will be depriving yourself of material you might need for the state test we will be taking next year. 


So maybe you are thinking that you could just look the answers up on the internet or skip the assignments?  You would be right, you could do that, but what’s the point?  If you do the work to the best of your ability, you will learn, if you don’t do the work you will learn nothing.  


As we said at the beginning of the year, “we want your best not just some papers turned in”.  So how about we finish the year strong and learn a little something.


You will have one week to do the work assigned, which should take about 30 minutes a day, before a new lesson pops up.


New lessons will be uploaded every Monday.


Stay safe and well,

Mr. Bartlett

Week 8 Message from Mr. Bartlett!


Honors Chemistry


Earth Science